mini dv tape pixellating

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      Hi, and help! Im new in the forum and to shooting. I used a TDK tape in my Canon XM2 for the first time a few weeks ago. Played it back on the day and all was fine. Played it back today (after not using the camera and storing it fry and cool) and all Im getting is half a screen of a fixed image and half a screen of moving pixels. Is there anyway of retrieving the data, as of course it had to be of a once-off never to happen again performance?

      All advice gratefully received

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      Something similar to your problem is on this post, Airnin. Check it out here. There are a number of things to try – using the exact same unit the tape was recorded in; running a tape head cleaner through it; sometimes a dedicated deck will offer a better playback and if the tape was not damaged during recording or messed up due to dirty or damaged heads while recording, even trying several other playback units (cameras and/or decks) can maybe help. Otherwise, I know of no way to “repair” a tape that is so damaged.

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