MINI DV TAPE – Brand switching in Playback? HELP!!!

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      Hi, It finally happened my old camcorder i bought maybe2 years ago, used in pawn shop, had problems with dirty heads for abotu 3 months, back and forth with head cleaner, It finally died on me. So yesterday I made the Jump to getting a 3ccd camcorder from panasonic the GS250.

      Now the problem lies here. I have read and heard many people say never mix brands of tape for recording, and once you start recording with one brand stick with it. Right now I have about 2 days before my camcorder arrives lol. And trying to determine which brand to stick with (will ask for help on that later)

      Ok well i plan to stick with 1-2 brands on the new camcorder, BUT I HAVE 20-30 mini dv tapes i might occaisionally need to pull footage off of. DOES playback have as much of an effect on head clogging as recording? And what ould be the best solution to get my footage from my old mini dv tapes. (ranging from tdk, sony, maxell, but about 70% are panasonic) ?

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      Playing or Recording still runs the tape across the heads. Sounds like you’re just gonna have to risk it once in a while. (or borrow someone else’s deck, surreptitiously. 8) )

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      The problem with using different brands is that they use different lubricants some use a dry type (panasonic) some use a wet type (sony) and they dont play well together. Imagine what happens when you mix dirt and water you get mud. and Playing uses the same head drum as recording which means that it will have the same issue as recording with different brands. As much as you can avoid playing different brands unless you know they use the same type of lubricant either wet or dry. If you can use the brand of the camera e.g. panansonic cam panasonic tape. They design the cameras with their tape in mind and while it wont make a difference really it couldent hurt to use what they intend for you to use.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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