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      I am looking at getting a camera to film skits i’ve been writing for the past few years also maybe a couple short movies and whatever else creative I can come up with in the next few years. I’ve been looking through cameras for a few days now and i’m stuck at one point.

      I know I should go HD (though I am not 100% ill be able to edit HD on this PC but maybe my Dual Core G4 might) anyway regardless my question is simple should I go with the Canon HV20 or 30 (MiniDV tape) or JVC Everio HD7 3CCD (Hard drive) they both seem like comparable cameras just stuck on that Hard drive vs MiniDV.

      Now here is where im comming from either way im looking at over 500 bucks, yeah ok I can deal with that but. Whats going to stick? Am I going to go with MiniDV tapes and be SOL by 2010 or am I gonna go Hard Drive and be screwed too cause Hard Drive cameras were just a fad.

      Anyone please help here I just need a little direction, the last forum post I found was from 2007 where everyone favored tapes over HDD its now 2009 so anything change? Oh yeah is it true that the whole 1CCD and 3CCD thing doesnt matter anymore?

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      1CCD vs 3CCD can possibly NOT matter, but IMHO you’ll get better quality recordings, color rendition and satisfaction going with a 3.

      IMHO, also, I think there’s more potential for “things” than can go wrong with the average HDD camcorder, vs recording to MiniDV. I cannot fathom MiniDV being obsolete within the next 5 years, but then again it appears that a LOT of stuff is moving toward recording to memory cards. Fewer moving parts will mean a lot less breakdown and repair costs down the road, as opposed to tape transport systems and HDDs.

      Ask Belinda (surfbella on this forum), she just purchased an HV30, based heavily on my input, I suspect, and has been working with it on her exercise videos for web site and commerical sales. It is a work in progress, but I suspect she is really pleased with the imaging quality the Canon HV30 gives.

      These are strictly opinions, I must say, but perhaps somewhat educated opinions. I was going to go with the HV30s for entry level HD production, but have since moved my sights up to the AVCHD card recording Panasonic AG-HMC150 units, though they currently go at $4K a pop, and I will need two.

      I figured 2 HV30s along with the braces, Beachtek audio boxes and shotgun mics would have put me close enough to the 150 costs (more or less) that it was not unreasonable to jump forward. And the unit is a 3CCD device using SD cards which seem to be the most threatening of the replacement recording media over tape and HDD.

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      Thanks for the quick reply…

      Is there a major difference between hv20 and hv30?

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      The HV20 is perhaps still available from some sources, or used. The HV30 is Canon’s (relatively) new and improved replacement model for the 20, with a few improvements, so probably a better buy for the bucks.

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      Thanks for all of the input. I went to best buy last night and looked at both the HF10 and the HV30 by Canon and to be honest with you I think flash memory is the way to go. I hear that MiniDV is going to a just slight bit sharper probably only noticeable with a magnifying glass for all i know… I guess I just dont feel secure enough to go with tapes, plus the cost of tape is kinda high when you start thinking 5 – 10 tapes per short… And to be honest with you I may end with something better sooner like the Panasonic AG-HMC you mentioned looks awesome so I feel sticking with flash is the best choice, the HF10 seems to be the same as the HV30 but no tape.The biggest selling point to me is this (Now I would suggest NOT trying this purposely but) I have this old 512mb SD card right and this thing has been washed, stepped on, dropped, run over by the car, and in a camera when it spontaneously combusted… I play hard lol that day I think it was more the gasoline that spilled on the camera case from my dirtbike than spontaneously combusting… But my point is they are nearly indestructible, since then we have numerous SD cards but the point being they last!

      Either way thanks allot for your input. And in the words of my little brother (hopefully you come up with some label system cause it would suck to have 10 to 20 8 gig SD cards and you loose good footage in a huge pile of cards cause nothing was labeled LOL) πŸ™‚

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      I currently use SD cards in my Zoom H2 digital recorders. I use those small adhesive dot labels on mine in various colors with sequence numbers penned on them as they are used, in the event I use more than one card per event. I will use this same strategy when shooting with an SD capable camcorder. No doubt this is the way to go, but I cannot totally discount the value, quality and affordability, nor the ongoing life expectancy of MiniDV tape either.

      I agree that SD is the most likely direction to take and wish you all the best in your camera selection, as well as your plans for video production. Play hard, live fast, stay healthy and get rich.

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