Mini Doc: American Luthier

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      I just finished post production on a mini documentary about a Seattle luthier. We started shooting this on an XH-A1, but I happened to pickup a T2i part way through the shoot and that ended up being the main camera because it was so fun to use. That said, the AH-A1 is still a strong, flexible camera, despite being a little long in the tooth. Of course, shooting with two very different cameras requires a some dedicated work in post to make them as indistinguishable as possible.

      So here is the result:

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      great camera work, color, information. i enjoyed it a bunch.

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      I loved it, the camera work, the passion that he has, it all comes through in the video. Keep shooting and don’t ever give up.

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      Had me hooked from the start and watched to the end, maybe I was influenced as a guitar player but it held my interest to the end, you made this very watchable which is what it’s all about

      great stuff


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      I want more! Seriously, you had me spellbound and would have for an hour.

      Forget about anything technical (which was superb as well), you captivated me and when it was done I said “Wow” out loud.


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      Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

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      Wow. I couldn’t stop watching it. Technically excellent the subject was greatand the narration just grabbed you.

      Well Done.

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      David, I can only echo what others have said about your video. Very engaging video which drags you in and enchants you until the end and as Birdcat said ‘I want more!’ Fascinating closeups with movement which draws your eyes into the subject. This reminds me of the cartoons in the old days where the fragrance of the hot pie on the kitchen window magically levitates the character and draws him in. Great soundtrack which enhances the story and ties it into the sound we would expect from the instruments that are being built. Exceptional quality work. Keep shooting.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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