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      Hey all,

      I am currently in the market for an external microphone to a camcorder. It is for my boyfriend’s birthday and I know next to nothing about microphones. I have read over a few of the articles on this site and have a general idea of what I am looking, but what I would like some input from people who have had experience with external microphones and what they would recommend to an amature film maker and what kind of microphones they think are the most versitle or the most necessary/essential.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Camera-mounted shotgun microphones work surprisingly well, if you can get within about 5-10 feet of your subject. I’ve shot many birthdays with my shotgun mic at noisey arcade type places, and it’s done an amazing job of picking up sound while isolating background noise. Also a handheld mic can come in handy if you’re doing guest interviews and things like that.

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      Talking about external microphone, I have this Sony VX2100E, I’m kinda looking for external mic to suit for this type of video camera. I would prefer the best sound that can capture excellent sound but at the same time cutting the background noise. I am using for wedding & live concert. Sometimes doing interview.

      Please help !!

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      sennheiser makes a great microphone (albeit somewhat expensive) that I have mounted on my DVX with great results – me-66. I think there are other, less expensive mics though.

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      In reply to your PM…

      Azden is good and they make a model under $150. I use a schriber acoustic SA-568 (?). I got a whole kit: hard case, soft case, foam windscreen, shoe mount, XLR-to-XLR cable, XLR-to-Mini adapter, and a Mini-to-Phono adapter all for around $120. Go to http://www.nrgresearch.com and look under “audio”. Other good brands but they might cost more are Rode, Sennheiser, and Audio Technica.

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