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      I want to get a wireless mic for my JVC HD Everio camcorder. I also want a good USB mic for my computer to record voice…any suggestions?


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      I’ll let others speak to what wireless mics are good (I have limited experience there) but just make sure you get a new one that is in the new broadcast frequency range.

      As for recording voice on a computer, I have heard good things about the Blue Snowball (http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Blue-Snowball-USB-Microphone?sku=279015).

      You can also look at non-USB mic’s (like the Shure SM58) and get an inexpensive mixing board which you can hook up to your PC thru the sound card’s line in jack

      I have purchased many things thru Musician’s Friend – They have great prices and are very reputable.

      USB Mic’s: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/microphones/usb-microphones

      All Mic’s: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/microphones

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      “You can also look at non-USB mic’s (like the Shure SM58)…”

      It’s funny you mention that. You can actually buy the SM58 with an adapter that converts the male end of the XLR cable to USB. So no mixer required.


      The Rode Podcaster is a good USB mic too. Large diaphragm, so it will have that nice, deep, rich quality.

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      My wireless mic is a Sennheiser SK100 Bodypack transmitter and EK100 Bodypack receiver. I bought it as a kit that also included a handheld mic and the SKP100 plugon transmitter for the handheld which also works with the Bodypak receiver. BHPhoto (and other places) sell the kit. I have had fantastic results. Audio is clean even in crowded areas only picking up my intended subject. I hope this helps. (This kit is outside of the 700MHz banned range operating at 626-662 MHz)

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      Hi Rob –

      Thanks for the heads up about the Shure X2U adapter – I am getting one of those!

      FYI – It works on all XLR microphones and even has phantom power!

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      Another option is to buy a mixer with USB then you can run any audio device into the USB port on your computer thru your mixer. I have the Alesis but ther are several with USB and Fire wire.

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      Played around with using my Zoom H2 on its USB cable. That worked pretty well as a usb mic. The stereo mic functioneven picked up my leaning from side to side as I was reaching for things on the desk.

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