Microphone Mount for my Sony VX2100?

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      I hate holding my mic, or stashing it in my pocket between interviews. i am having a hard time finding a mic mount online via google and bhphoto. can anyone recommend a site or specific model? thanks very much. i would love to mount my mic on the cam.


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      You hate carrying around a mic in your pocket! Why is that? Maybe you need bigger pockets! If/when you graduate to bigger gigs, bigger cameras, meaningful pay for your gigs, youll be amazed at the bulk of extra tapes, batteries, etc. youll be carrying around and not even give it a thought. You may be carrying so much stuff around that you wont be able to find the rubber band, lav clip, mini-headphones, flashlight or whatever you need at a given instant without fumbling around (no one I know).

      So Im curious about your setup. You plan to mount a mike on your cam for interviews, in addition to the pretty good mike already sitting on the VX-2100. Why not place a lavaliere on the interview subject, and cable into your cam, which will override the on camera mic. There are other mic types, possible combinations, mixers, etc, but a single lav on the subject is a very workable setup. A second mic on the cam, overriding the on camera mic is a less optimum solution.

      Generally, the closer the mic to the subject, the better the audio. Lately, I have been doing some band shoots, using a wide angle lens, where my cam is constantly in the range of 2-3 feet from band members. These are friends of mine so collisions are no big deal. This is a really good distance for an on camera mic, maybe a bit too intimate to the camera for an interview. (Maybe not)

      I find that a good professional lav on my subject picks up audio both for my subject and for the interviewer (me or third person), and that this audio can go straight into the edit with hardly any muss/fuss. If you went the lav route, you could have your mic plus cables connected and ready to go and sitting in your vest pocket as you entered the interview situation, and all you have to do is clip clip on the subject and plug into your cam.

      Many of the legendary TV interviewers are a short hop from the retirement home. Get Ready!

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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