Microphone Boom Complete!

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      Sotoday I finallyfinished my microphone boom! Since I’m super low budget and microphone booms cost a lot of money, I used a DIY design I found online using a light bulb changer kit and some hardware.

      Sure,it’s not as light weightas professional ones, and Ihaveto wrapthe miccable aroundtheoutsideinsteadofhaving itinside, butI also paid ametric crapton less. :)Igaveitaquick trythisafternoonanditworksquite well,so I’mhappyso far.

      Icanfinally un-mount my shotgun mic from my camera… although nowIneedtofind a boom op. πŸ˜›

      Anywho, just so youdon’thaveto searchfor it,here’s whatIused:

      • Lightbulb changerwith attachableheads – TheDIY suggested Bayco, butI justgot one froma localhardware store.Ithinkthe Bayco ones only extendto about 10 feet, but mine goesto 16. πŸ˜›
      • 3/8″-16 by 1.5″bolt- standardbolt.Mydadconvincedmetopay a little moreforthe stainless steel versioninstead ofthezinc platedtomake sureit doesn’trustor anything.
      • 3/8″ washer
      • 3/8″ nut – Mydadconvincedmeto getthe kindwiththe plastic washertomake sureit doesn’t come loose.

      Iusedthe suctioncuphead to make mine.I tookoffthe suctioncup piece (asimple screwheld it onin mycase) and drilledoutthe holesoit wasbigenough forthebolt.ThenI puttheboltin,tightened it downwith the nut, and putit onthetelescoping pole from the light changing kit.Simpleasthat! My microphone shockmount connects directly to the 3/8″ bolt and I think you know the rest. πŸ™‚

      Well I’mquiteimpressed with it… but for about 20 bucksit’shardto not beimpressed. :-PI can post some pics if people want.

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      Heres a couple DIY’s I like. Make a mic blimp for your new pole!



      They use an inexpensive bird feeder. πŸ™‚


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      I’m testing out a light/mic boom hybrid design.

      I’ve got a 100 watt florecent bulb inside a white paper chinese lantern, on a pole similar to yours. The power goes to a 12 volt battery and inverter in a soft case with shoulder strap. the lantern hangs from a rubber mount, and the mic is shock mounted.

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      Very cool – and thanks for posting what you used

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      The microphone blimp is actually mynext DIY project!I’veseensome directionslikethe ones you’ve listed, butIhad afew otherideas of my own thatI wasthinkingof trying… I’vegotto spendsometimein thehardware store andsee ifIcan getthepartsto seeif myidea willwork.

      And I’llpost backwhen that’scomplete.

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      I’d like to see some pics and the link for the design you used… πŸ™‚


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