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      I need to get a microphone for recording dialog indoors, and I was wondering if anybody had any advice. I was looking at the Azden SGM-X, but for the same price i could get two Audio Technica ATR-55’s. Please Help.

      P.S. I know that they both use 8th inch plugs, and that XLR is better for cable runs, but the money is short, and the camera doesn’t have built in XLR, and I don’t want to have to pony up for a BeachTek adapter.

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      I saw good reviews of the Rode Videomic (about $150 at B&H), so I got it. I’ve been very happy with it. And yes, it had a 1/8" miniplug connector. Rode is known for making high quality professional mics. This model is their answer for those who want good quality, but can’t afford the $600+ for a pro unit. They cut costs by making the body out of plastic instead of metal, and not having a balanced line with XLR connector. But it’s still a great bargain for the serious amateur, film student, or ultra-low-budget pro. Also, it has its own built-in shock-isolation mount.
      My 3 cents worth. 🙂
      Ken Hull

      P.S. — If you get the Rode Videomic, and you plan to do any outdoor shooting, be sure to also get the DeadCat wind muff for it.

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