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      I’ve recently been looking at a simple audio mixer to accomodate multiple microphones to my camcorder’s audio input. The specs of the Behringer MX-400 show compatibility with 4 line inputs, seeming to indicate thatthe mixer does not provide a means of amplifying.

      Will this setup work with microphones plugged in, sending the output to the camcorderto do theamplifying and generate a healthy sound signal? Or does the mixer somehow block the camcorder from amplifying (e.g.preventing a means of sending ‘phantom power’ to the microphone(s))?


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      That doesn’t look like it would be too helpful for video work. Unless you plan to use it as a fixed studio device (it’s not portable needing AC power) it wouldn’t be much of a field mixer either. Since it does not have phantom power capability it would block said power delivery to your mics. Also, the Behringer is a mono mixer and you’re going to need at minimum two channels of audio out.

      Provided you’re not dead set on using 1/4″ plugs, take a look at the Rolls MX124 Portable 4 Channel Stereo Mixer. My outfit uses it’s big brother and both the durability and quality of the unit has been there. Plus the price is hard to resist. Only thing is, unlike it’s big brother you don’t have level meters you can eyeball and you’ll have to do it all in camera.


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      Time and again I’ve even thought about getting a Juicedlink, but for now I’m looking for something verybasic to add tothe capabilityof my camcorder’s 1/8″ jack.Individual volume control is a must, though. I’d definitely prefer something that’s battery-powered for field useover having to create an amplifier/inverter circuit to be used with a 9V battery.

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