Mic Wind Test – Sony AX2000 – Rode NTG-2

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      OK – Got the toys – Was a windy day yesterday so I tried this – Put the NTG-2 on channel 1 (left) and internal on channel 2 (right). Had a foamy plus a dead cat on the NTG-2. Had wind reduction filter “ON” on both channels. Only voice audio was me from behind.

      Here are the results.

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      Hey Birdcat!

      Hope you are staying indoors (other than when you performed that mic test). I live on the opposite coast (FL) and it’s been totally wacko weather with Debby out in the Gulf, since Friday. I thought aboutrecording / posting the frogs that have been serenading us – in between the 60mph wind gusts. But thefoot ormore of rain we got made me wimp out and keep my gear inside.

      Keep safe and thanks for the NewBlue audio demo.

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