mic solutions for a improv shoot

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      I work with a local improv team and tape there shows often. The group is struggling with getting a workable sound solution for when they do large venues. The team usually has 8 players per show and scene games are unpredictable so players are entering and leaving scenes often. I’m looking for something not too visible like lavs without wires thats kind of portable and could work with most mixing borders you would encounter in small theaters and clubs. If I’m wrong for thinking that route feel free to smack me around and get thinking in the right direction.

      I am a complete and total newbie when it comes to this stuff and I only record the shows because I have a decent camcorder that stumbled into owning.

      Thanks for reading have a great day

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      Have you considered using a boom microphone?

      If so, the right kind of microphone to use for this is a shotgun microphone. They can be found for as little as $100, but also remember a boom pole which I have faked by attaching a Windtech CM21 microphone clip to an extendable paint roller stick.

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      feed from the board.

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      Justin, wireless lav mics are pretty expensive at about $500 a pop. Have you considered using shot gun mics set up on the front of the stage directed at the actors. Depending on the mixing board, you can set up 4 or more of them to get some pretty good sound. I would also suggest the you make sure theyare XRL as most sound boards have XRL inputs.

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      I have the Azden 105ULH system and am pleased with it. It goes for $400 and comes with a wireless lav mic (omnidirectional) & xmitter, wireless handheld mic (cardioid) and receiver. Only caveat is you can only use one mic at a time.


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      I’m with Grinner on this one. If you don’t have mics of your own, break out the check book and get a digital recorder like the H4n, a couple of XLR cables and patch into the audio tech’s mixing board. He aught to have at least one Master Out for you to connect your recorder to and just record what he gets so you can concentrate on shooting if you’re doing that as well. The H4n also works as a great stereo mic when you’re not using it strictly as a recorder.

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