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      I would very much appreciate some input on microphone usage.

      The application is the making of a short (as in 15-30 seconds) video clip for the web.

      It will consist of a guy standing and giving essentially a short "welcome" message kind of thing.

      I am an amateur at videos, but don’t want to be stuck with the sound I’ll get from the built in mic.

      So I’m thinking maybe a lavaliere or shotgun of some sort, recorded separately onto my DAT machine.

      If possible, he’d like to keep the mic cost under $150.

      Appreciate any advice with regard to class (lavaliere, shotgun, other?), specific brands/models, vendors…anything!


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      Well, I’ll assume your DAT machine has a mini-plug mic input (as opposed to an XLR mic input).

      I’ve been using a Rode Videomic, which is a shotgun mic costing about $150. It works very well. If used outdoors in any sort of breeze, a shotgun mic should be used with a fur "wind muff". Rode sells an affordable one called a "DeadCat" for its mic. If your subject is some distance from the camcorder, then a mic extension cable and a mic boom (and maybe a boom operator) would be needed. BTW, a mic boom coud be just a $4 bamboo pole with a 1/4" bolt through it.

      If your subject is going to be some distance from the camera, and moving around, then a wireless lav makes more sense. Azden has some reasonably priced mic/xmtr/rcvr kits.

      Hope this helped, 🙂
      Ken Hull

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      Great to know – thanks!

      My DAT is an older Sony that has RCA’s for analog and optical and coax for digital. I have a small mixer I was planning to use for the mic.

      I like the bamboo idea! Creative functional ingenuity at its finest (or thereabouts…!)


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      Great info, guys!

      I’ve found that telescoping tree pruners also work well as boom poles. I actually spray painted over a bright green model to use on a pro shoot. It was functional and didn’t look like I was trimming a tree:)

      There are many advantages to a commercial boom pole though: less weight and more reliability are two.


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