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mic not connected on GL2

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    I am using a GL2, and am filming an educational video which will have much of the footage voiced over with narration. Because of this, I filmed the footage so far (2 days worth) with the mic adapter connected to the mic input on the camera, but I did not connect the mic to the adapter (being a complete newbie, I thought for some reason this would be better than having sound generated from the GL2’s mic). My question is, with what I have done so far, will I still be able to add the narration (i am using Sony Vegas)? Second question – is it better to film the way I filmed so far, or film with the sound from the GL2’s mic?

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    The short answer is yes you will be able to add a voice over in sony vegas.

    You can always delete the audio track in your editing software. I always use my mic even if I don’t want the sound. You never know when the adudio portion may come in handy.

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