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      Well the above will reach me tomorrow and as this is my first camcorder im pretty excited about getting to grips with it. Im not going to ask if you all think ive made the right choice as there is no going back now !. I spent along time deciding on what to buy but the HDD concept kept winning any argument despite the Mini-DV having the better video quality. I have a couple of questions i would like to ask everyone………..

      1. As a complete newbie to video recording what would be the best user friendly software to edit with.

      2. Any basic tips on how to get better results with the camera when in manual mode, especially in low light conditions as i read that most (if not all) cameras suffer to varying degree’s in this area.

      3. For present owners of the MG 505 are there any specific do’s/dont’s associated with my new toy i should look out for.

      Any info much apprecited folks πŸ˜€

      Tim Sparling
      HULL – UK

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