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      Many months back I had created a post asking about filters for filming welding. This guy Mike at Studio 23 in Olympia WA welded me up a custom “Steady Tracker” type device, and this is the video I created for him in trade. Let me know what you think! thanks

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      Very nice spot! I hope the rig they made for you is of equal quality. Businesses pay serious money for a good commercial. In post you could have brought the brightness down just a bit to tone down those hot spots made by the welding arcs/flames, but other than that good job.

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      Thanks composite. The rig he made me is of lesser value than I would have charged for the video at full price. But I’m okay with it, he’s a friend from a ways back, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get him to build me a nice jib next, I’ll just pay for material cost. I shot a lot of these “business profile” type things for a criminal organization called “Pixel Fish,” and I’m trying to bust in to doing it for local businesses independently.

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      I read the original thread and I was hoping you’d post the finished product. I liked seeing the smoke streaming from the welding spots when the light flickers. Looked great. Thanks for sharing it.

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