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      I need information on writing metadata to an SD card. Do I need special software? Can someone assist me?

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    Usually meta data is registered embedded with other signals (video, audio, etc). Meta-data means just “data about other data”, so it’s extra information related to the main data you are registering and may be in the case of NLE clip descriptions, names, etc. SD cards are just a memory device, so your media software (if able) should register all the meta data with the media in it.

    You need to explain more. What metadata you need to register? Which software you use?

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    Sorry about that. I am using Green Valley’s Edius Neo 2.5(Booster) to edit video footage. I have a secondary program by Magix Movie Edit Pro 14, which I used with my previous Panasonic SDR-H60P.I recently acquired the AG-HMC40P. What I need to know is how do i transfer data to the SD card prior to videoing footage?The manual only tells you that you can write metadata to the card prior to videoing footage to indicate who videoed footage, location of videoed footage, and other type of information pertinate to the footage. There is no indication or instruction on getting the metadata to the card. Is there some type of meta software that writes the data to the card itself?

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    Read page 119 of the PDF Version of the manual. It gives instructions and lists a website for downloading an AVCCAM viewer for reading and editing.

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    Thank you for the link. I was stumped for a while. but the link helped tremendously. Thank you again.

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