Metacafe is paying for original video’s

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      I’m not sure if you have ever head of Metacafe but we are a growing
      online video community who pay there video producers for original
      content. We came across your website and we are wondering if you might
      be interested in submitting any of your short films in exchange for
      compensation based on how many people view your video?

      Here is a link to the program’s website:

      Here is a link to our main website:

      There are no costs or catches, and we’re not exclusive. So
      please let me know if you’re interested or just go here to start
      submitting: You can email any questions you have to

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      cool, i was thinking of hosting on youtube, but i think im gonna go with metacafe

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      Hey, thats a great idea. I might actually try this. Im always looking for ways to make some extra cash. But is there any limit to how long the video has to be?

      Thanx alot


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      They recommend between 20 seconds and 6 minutes.

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