MEP17+HD and Panasonic AG-HMC40 anyone?

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      Hi folks, I’m hoping to step from the DVC30 MiniDV standard Def to the Panasonic AG-HMC40 tapeless HD format. A local shop is letting me use the camera for two weeks to see if I will like it enough to purchase (nice!) But already the HD format is troubling me for lack of exposure and understanding what it actually is and how it works. I’ve done a few days worth of reading on the subject and I’m probably more confused than before… ouch, brain lock.

      I’m hoping someone out there has this combo and has this figured where they would be willing to help me out..

      I shoot mainly hand held, indoors with studio lighting (bright lighting), action sports etc. I need to take the footage and convert it to a web download package, typically WMV and then create a DVD as well. Nothing too fancy but it has to be of a wide useability. Standard Def and MEP14+ does all that perfectly for my needs.. but in HD with MEP17+HD wow.

      From what I’ve read, for the type of action I’m shooting I should use 1080 30P as a setting on the camera.. I can edit this in MEP17 no problems with my PC set up, but when I go to convert it to WMV or other web formats, the aspect ration does appear to be ‘squat’.. a little wider and shorter than it actually is.. I can’t seem to remedy this. It doesn’t look quite right, even though its converted to 16:9

      If you have a lot of this figured out with HD and MEP 17, and would be willing to help a lad with the step across from SD to HD, it would much appreciated..

      ideally I’d love to hook up with someone who is set up to provide one on one training to get me started..


      If not able to merge myself into the HD world of thing I’m going to have to get myself a DTE recorder on the DVC30 to get away from the tapes issues..

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