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      Can anyone explain to me – preferably in a video – how to make a menu like this with Adobe? I need a menu with a video intro and then the buttons appear.

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      I’m no expert but it seems to me that what might work is importing the video intro and setting it as first play. Set the end action for the intro to point to the desired menu and then you’re good to go.

      Seems logical to me although I’m sure there are more elegant solutions.

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      It all depends on what software you are using. The effect is pretty easy to accomplish in Sony DVD Architect. Unfortunately I have not made any instructional videos on that topic.


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      Well, this is a few weeks late, and I supose you have found the problem. However, for yourself and others following this thread I offer this approach for Adobe Encore:

      Create your introductory video to the DVD. I often include the buttons as they will appear on the video. I allow 30 seconds worth of the buttons on the screen after the introductory sequence. Create your menu that looks exactly like the button sequence on the video. I use PhotoShop to create the button mechanics, hot areas, etc. Now, when you create the menu, only use the active buttons in the PhotoShop created menu. That is, show as visible only the (+) layers. Import the PhotoShop menu as a “menu”.

      Under the “Motion” tab of the menu properties box, set the introductory video along with the buttons on that video as the video source for the menu. Now, set the time where the buttons appear in your introductory video in the “Loop Point” field of the properties box. You may have to fiddle with the time a little bit.

      However, the down side of this approach is that when anyone hits the menu button on the remote, they will start the video from the beginning of your introductory video. Thus, you will need a second menu with out the introductory video. This can be solved by making the “end action” of the introductory video with menu point to the beginning of the second menu.

      Sheesh, sorry if this sounds confusing. But when you get it working it is great.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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