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      My wife is putting together a compilation of video and pictures for my daughter’s volleyball team. She has a Dell laptop with 4Gb of memory, with slightly over 2Gb free. She’s using Adobe Premiere elements 6 and gets an ‘Out of memory’ error with only about 20 minutes of video and abou 100 pictures. I’d like to get new software for her, but want something that will let her edit bigger projects. Any suggestions ?? Thanks!

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      4GB of RAM should be enough to do strait editing. I’ve never heard of having 4GB of memory and having on 2GB free. If your computer needs more memory, it just tosses out old data to make room for the new data. I could be wrong though.

      I would try reinstalling your software first.

      Also, are you mistaking “memory” with “hard drive space?” Some people do that. Check your hard drive space as well. Ideally, you don’t want to use your computer’s internal hard drive unless you have more than one internal hard drive. The reason for this is, if your computer crashes and you have all your video files saved to your main hard drive, you’ll lose everything. And that’s no fun.

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      4Gb RAM, after loading VISTA 🙁 and all of the drivers, etc. There is 2gb before loading Premiere. When loading the project, it sucks up 2gb ram and wants more. The Hard drive has about 50Gig free…



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      4 gigs outa get you running. trouble is your pc wants to use the harddrive as a scratch disk and as virtual memory…

      put your files on an external (preferably a firewire) drive with lots of free space, and check your preferences on how you’re allocating your ram in your nle. (try allocat 50-60% of your availble ram…

      there are some true experts here that can give you more detials/specific advice than me….

      I’m a mac/final cut guy for starters…

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      Your hard drive might be the problem. I had a Dell with 2gb of memory but my 160gb hard drive was not enough. I upgraded to another computer with 500gb hard drive, 250gb slave drive and still 2gb of memory and I can edit via Premiere Pro without any problems. The problem can either be your HD or your processor. I do not think Dell’s are that good for editing. You would have to list more specs on your computer though.

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      i would suggest too that you check the size of the pictures you are using. I use Sony Vegas Pro, but I down size and convert any jpg files to twice the resolution of video I am working with (i.e. NTSC 4:3 is 720×480 so the pic is 1440×960) and save as a png. png is a lossless or less lossy format than jpg and the files size is a lot smaller. If you are dealing with a lot of pictures, you are loading up the memory really fast and going to the hard drive swap file too quickly.


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