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      This is my first post but I’ve been reading the posts for over a year. First time I needed to help. He is my problem:

      Each time I try to buy my project to DVD I get a memory allocation error (Premiere Elements). My system has 2 gigs of memory and the hard drive has 150 gigs of free space. The project is about 1 1/2 hours long. Can anyone give my some advise on how to resolve the issue.

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      Hey DC Cowboy,

      Did you get a response to your question? I noticed you have no replys. I’ve had the same exact problem with my Premiere 2.0 and have a similiar system as you. I have 2.15 hours of a wedding that I need to get done but I can’t make it through the burn process without a memory allocatin error around 3.5 hours into the burn. Very frustrating. I wondor if I need to upgrade to 3.0 or is this a problem with my system.


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      I never received an anwser to my post. However when I cut the project in half (under an hour eac DVD) it burned with no problem. Try making two dvd’s of no more than 1 hour each. Hope that works.

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      Thanks Cowboy,

      I’ll try that tonight. I’m at the point where I’ll either buy a burner program that can import my Adobe project or drop Adobe altogether and go with another editing program. I don’t want to drop Adobe. I like the program but these little problems and the lack of support really tick-me-off.



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      I have not tried to burn a projec over 40 minutes but I suggest you try the following.
      Go to burn DVD
      Burn to a file
      Re burn that file in a DVD authoring program like Nero (about $80)

      I paste instructions I use to do this below.

      Select Burn to DVD in the DVD workspace. Select burn to file. This creates a master file in which are two folders of DVD files.

      To create your DVD disk, simply burn these two folders and their contents to a disk using the software that was included with your system or DVD burner. (Common bundled software includes RecordNow and Nero.)

      In many cases, simply burning the files onto a disk is enough to create the DVD. However, some software, such as Nero, may require that you burn the disk as a viewable DVD rather than a mere data DVD in order for the disk to play on a standalone player.

      The following are instructions unique to Nero:

      1. After starting Nero SmartStart, select Nero Burning Rom.

      2. Select the DVD-Video template to make a new compilation.

      3. Navigate with the browser to the folder where Video_TS is located. That is the one created by PE.

      4. Drag the Video_TS folder made by Premiere Elements to the red Video_TS folder on the compilation side. DO NOT drag the folder into the Name column.

      5. Start burn

      I’ve had success burning element projects this way when they fail to burn in PE 2.0.

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      To start with, a nice intro for the lucky couple. Two cameras are set up to record the wedding from a couple of different perspectives. (have fun splicing this together). In this case the wedding was Catholic and the Bride wanted the whole ceremony on film. So, the wedding with an introduction, then a 3 song slide show, the reception and another 3 song slide show followed by credits and a switch to the second DVD (yes, this was a 2 disc set). The second DVD contained "bonus features" such as the "Bachelor Party". Note: A warning is a must for adult content. The video of the professional picture taking, a short video of the at home reception or private party and some more slide shows of those events. The second DVD was 2/3 the length of the first but had enough content to make it worth having another DVD. Using Nero 7.0 to burn. Adobe is useless for this kind of production. I’m not sure what the cut-off is when Adobe begins to encounter problems with memory allocation but I’ve upgraded my system to 4.0 gb of RAM and I’m waiting for my upgrade of Photoshop 5.0 and Elements 3.0 to see if things will improve. Thank God for Nero.


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      Hello, if I use Nero to burn my project using the instructions above… what about my chapters and especially my menu?? will they appear??

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