maximum minutes in a composition?

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      What is maximum minutes can after effects composition takes? Again is there any way you can send select a sequenceinpremiere pro click on edit in after effects like soundbooth does?

      or I just need to export my sequence to AE.

      this question come from time ramaping thread I was readind. some people prefere to do it in after effect than premiere pro,. I was confused!! as for my knoweledge I would do in in premiere pro that in AE if I have to export it. I dont know if you are geeting. sorry my english is not Good.

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      If you have Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 you can import a Premiere Pro Sequence into After Effects using Dynamic Link.

      From Premiere you can also right click on any piece of footage on the timeline and choose the Replace with after effects comp command. This will open the footage in After Effects and replace the footage on the timeline with the AE comp.

      I don’t know what the maximum composition length in AE though sorry.

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