Maxell Hi8 Tapes Dont Work

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I have a Sony Handycam capable of playing back any 8mm,hi8,digi8, and it works with all kinds of tapes...except "maxell" brand tapes...The camera always tells me to reinsert the tape...and when it doesn't it breaks the tape...then i put in a sony tape and it works fine

why is this particlular brand of tape doing this!!!!

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As a rule, you should use one brand of tape with your camera. Different tapes have different lubrication (wet or dry) and you should choose a tape with the type (lub) your camera maker recommends.

For a Sony Handcam HC-40 (what I used to use - MiniDV) I never had a problem with TDK tapes which I used to get in Costco for a decent price. I used them almost exclusively. I also never re-used a tape.

When I used to tape on VHS, Maxell was always at the top of my list.

I would suggest you bring your camera in to a qualified service center and see what they say (and let them check your heads while you're there - no telling what all those different tapes have done).

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I had trouble with maxell hi-8 tapes in a sony camera. In my case, brand new tape would wobble over the heads completely screwing up audio and video. Ruined some great shots intended for stock footage and prompted a costly reshoot! Just like you, I put in some sony tape on the next go round and voila' clean audio and video signals.

I don't necessarily hold on the 'brand for brand' line as I've used panasonic pro tape in sony's, canon's and now JVC cameras with zero problems. I think it's as 'Cat suggested, just get quality tape. I do agree with finding a quality brand you like and rolling with that.

It's been a while since I used Hi-8 though I do have a working one available. Sony, Fujifilm and Maxell seem to be the only manufacturers left making Hi-8 tape. In your case, I'd stick with sony consumer grade at $3 a tape and use the pro 120 at $7.50 for recording finished work over an hour (and less than two) for archiving or submission for television broadcast.

In the meantime, run a cleaner tape over your heads as dirty heads may be part of the problem.

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I have been using Samsung Hi8 camera as a playback deck for years. It's been playing everything I'd inserted into it.


I remember years ago working with the broadcasting type SONY decks. They would jam any tape longer than 60 min. There must be something about SONY.