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      Could someone PLEASE advise me on where to purchase a Complete Video Editing Workstation with a Matrox Real-Time Card already installed. (Approx $3,500 – Excluding Monitors) I would most likelty purchase 2 Dell 20″ LCD monitors – they are a good price now ($550 each). Would like: Dual Processors / 2Gig Ram / 250G Hard Drives / Video Card? / Adobe Premiere.
      Not sure if I need a great Video Card if I use the RT.X100 card….. Isn’t the matrox card also a video card ?? I’m tired searching the net for a year now! Helpppp!!!!
      Don’t want to build my own. Just purchase a system. Alienware ? Dell ? Whoever ? [/b]

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      Thanks for the advice. I had been to their site before but they don’t recommend one particular dealer. They recommend a few. I just would like to know what (Matrox card) users out there would recommend.

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      Here are a couple of integrators who specialize in the rtx100:

      NLE Systems
      1 Beyond


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      I’ve used Mina Systems out of Fort Worth a few times. Very good customer service and the price seems to be there with the other guys.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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