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      this book is a boon to all of us who want to understanding the techink of producing high quality sounds

      afterall all begins from the books,isnt it

      Click to access The_Technology_of_Video_and_Audio_Streaming__Second_Edition.pdf

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      Books are a difficult way to convey audio knowledge. I do highly recommend that people study sound to look into the physics of sound and have a basic understanding of what microphones do from a design standpoint.

      In my seminars, I show people how to use the audio gear while using it!

      I would recommend that anyone new to sound, look up their local Location Sound Mixers (look for the local ‘media index’ which lists crew members, or contact the local film commission) and ask them for a walk through of gear basics. Do a services swap with them for their efforts (maybe they need help painting a room!).

      Pros tend to be able to show you some short cuts and save you a lot of time. Let me know if I can help with any audio related questions.

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