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      Hi guys. We shot this rather epic shootout last summer as part of our shortfilm. We uploaded it to youtube some time ago, but haven’t got too many view thus far. Let me know what you think of it, at the very least we had fun doing it.

      It’s noteworthy (unless it’s obvious) that we had only one man portraying the whole enemy force. Cloning effect has always been one our our favorites.

      None of us have any education of job experience from anything video related, we simply though it would be fun to make short film. We ended up making three. If you liked this one, check out my channel for more like that.

      Thanks for watching.

      -St. Scoundrel, SSCinema

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      Luis Maymi Lopez


      Sadly you and a gazillion of others are making the exact same battle action videos, probably using Video Copilot Action Essentials. Unless you have the audience freddiew has, you will probably not get many views. There are too many people doing the same thing so there A LOT of competition. Maybe by creating something original (like the Cardboard Warfare video) you could probably get more views.

      Overall you did an excellent job in your video, specially in the cloning. I notice it was clone because I do videos for a living, but someone who’s not train in this art will probably never notice. Although you should change part of the clothes of some of your clones, such as using different glasses, different weapons and so on to sell the effect more.

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      Thanks for the feedback. I do know there are nothing but too many people doing similiar action scenes, but our original aim was not Youtube, as that was part of short film. You are quite right about changing gear and clothing to make cloning seem bit more natural, but purpose of that force was to be very uniform in appearance. We did try something like that in earlier film where we actually had 4 people cloned few times with clothes varied with each set. Many parts of it looked quite convincing, check it out if you’re interested.

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