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      Hey, everyone. Just joined the forums today. Video editing is something I take great interest in, and so far, I’ve just been scooting along learning things just from playing with the software. Well, I’ve hit a major speed bump. Project ending, hour wasting, dispair inducing, speed bump.

      I’ve started editing together a video request for a friend using a cartoon show he’s getting into. He wanted a music video for a Phil Collins song. The issue I am having is that this is HD video with an FPS of about 29.970 (Or NTSC, I don’t even know what that means yet.) There is a part where a character moves across the screen, but I don’t want her to move in my video, because she’s talking as she walks. I like the keep lips and lyrics synced. Here is a sample of what I am getting.

      My mask for that character is easily, 20 pixels ahead of her movement, yet traces of her movement can still be seen. The issue may be that this cartoon has inbetween frames that alpha the next frame in with the previous to make it look smoother. Any ideas on how I can fix this? There is no feathering or anti aliasing on the mask.

      Edit: Okay. So you can’t actually see it in that video, but the fact remains that in order to hide it, I had to make it way too far ahead of the character.

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