Maserati Quattroporte VS Dodge Challenger Trailer

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      filmed and edit By Me using Adobe Premiere Pro cs5.5

      pls leave feedback of how i can make better videos…

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      You’ve done some nice work, very clean video and audio, smooth camera movement. If you want to improve your skills I have a few questions for you:

      What is the point of your video? Who is your target audience?

      I recommend you continue with your project, keeping these questions in mind. I’m pretty certain you’ll be proud of your final product. Good luck!!

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      Thanx Ed

      ill keep that in mind!

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      Jackson Wong


      You’ve got some quality work going for you here. Very intense, and effective as is. If you really wanted to increase tension and comparison, you might go for a more side by side type of feel, show one part of the Maserati, then the similar part on the Dodge. You might try a split screen too.

      Overall, it’s very engaging, I love the detail and smooth movement, and attention to the music. (I assume you’ve either got a great composer or found just the right stock media.) One small adjustment I’d make is putting gloves on the driver, it keeps it impersonal and more intimidating, which is kind of what you’re going for with the car vs. car theme.

      By the way are you aware of our cover for July, and the article from the cover?

      I’m excited to hear about more,


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      hi Jackson

      To be honest im very aware of this part where i film my car more than dodge and the reason for that is i have already done aseperate video of dodge (you can see that in my youtube account) andin this video thats the first time im filming my car so i wantedto show my maserati abit more than dodge!

      i will try the split screen in the continue part ….thanx for sharing ure thoughts with me!

      no im not aware of the articale i recently got memeber in this site…howcome?


Viewing 4 reply threads
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