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      If you have any martial arts schools within your service area, and you
      enjoy doing something other than the usual events (weddings, for
      example) then take a minute to visit, collect some footage, put it
      together to represent what you can do, write letters, send samples and
      make sales.

      I recently sent out several direct market letters with a sample, and
      referring to a clip on my web site, and received several jobs, as well
      as inquiries that could lead to more business possibilities. Check out
      the article at E.C. Come, E.C. Go

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      Have your inquiries been primarily about producing children’s martial arts videos or adults as well?

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      Both. Most schools in my service area have classes involve both, or all, depending on their belt classification.

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      I’ve just expanded my business from filming just Banger Racing, to now also filming Mixed Martial Arts. Not sure if that falls under the same catagory as what you’ve been covering because it does seem a little different looking at that sample video.

      The first event we’ll be covering is in June, and it’s local! I’m looking forward to putting this project together because its the first time we’ve done anything like this, in the coming weeks I’ll be at their training workshop taking interviews and recording them training so we shall see how it goes.

      I have been told though that since, at the moment, nobody else covers this kind of sport at an amatuer level there is a big call for videographers, so hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air after filming the same thing for 3 years straight!


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      I have shot a ton of MMA before… what is it that you are goin to be doing? I might be able to answer some questions.

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