Marketing: Full-Time Commitment

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      Would you agree that successful marketing requires a full-time commitment,
      over and above what time you already spend conducting your business and
      keeping it sound, or even afloat? I have been remiss, but I intend to
      correct that omission soon. See E.C. Come, E.C. Go for my confessional.

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      I certainly would agree that marketing requires a full-time committment and as much as all other aspects of running a business since the more time that you spend workingonsomething the more likely it is to improve and the better one should become at it. Stands to reason, anyway.I can easily understand though, why someone who writes as creatively and prolificallyas you do must much prefer that committment to the mundane task of cleaning up loose ends on a website.

      I sense that you are trying to talk yourself into taking some action and actually getting down to those house-cleaning chores and may be looking for a little encouragement,incentive and prodding from those of us whoareequally proneto concentrate on the more enjoyable things we have to do.

      Go for it, Earl.

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