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      For more information, ideas and suggestions than a start-up or even seasoned video producer could want or need, visit my Marketing and Making Video Blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go – there’s a little (or a LOT) of something for everybody IMHO. Feedback here, or comments on the blog appreciated. Earl

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      Oops! πŸ˜‰

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I really like your blog. Is so full of amazing information that had help me in my slow approach to video bussines. There was one of your articles that I would have never think about doing, funeral videos ( At first I thought this was ridiculous and I was wondering who on earth wants a video of a funeral, then a friend of mine (who works in a funeral parlor) told me that one of the things they do was putting a camera above the coffin so family member can monitor their love one via internet. I don’t know if its true, but its a pretty good idea. Since in my area there are a few funeral parlors I will try to negotiate so I could make memorial slide shows. Only slide shows, I don’t think I’m prepared (psychologically) to record a funeral service. No matter of my way of seeing this as a little weird, I found the article excellent, with everything needed and a good approach to expand business. Lets see if I can manage a few job opportunities from funerals.


      On DVProfessional I read on some forum that you are going to write a book about video business. If its true I will be really interested in buying it.

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      Thanks SargeHero – I am near completion of this HUGE resource volume “Video Production, Marketing and Success! – The Definitive Resource Book for the Full & Part-Time Independent Video Producer” hopefully by the end of first quarter 2010.

      Thanks for your kind words and input here, and for your interest in The Book – I will most certainly let it be known as soon as this production bible is available for delivery. It will not only be chock full of information, samples and support materials (including a BUNCH of stuff not yet published on the blog) and will offer the opportunity for semi-annual or annual updates that can be easily added to the ring-binder format.

      Thanks again, Earl

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      #Luis Oscar Maymi Lol, who makes funeral videos. I have never heard about this before for real. If you are from media then I can understand that why you make funeral videos. I have started my career as a professional photographer and now I am taking some tips online regarding making videos. I have also made my own website and but I am confused with keyword, I mean which keyword would be good for me. I have got 6 keywords in which I will chose 3-4 keywords and I also want to track them through seo keyword rank tracker. This website is really good for photographer like me, as I don’t have much knowledge about search engine optimization So it helps me to rank my website better at But can I get some information regarding keywords Research for my website.

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