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      Participant is an
      independent organisation setup to assist new and established filmmakers to
      market their completed feature film to international buyers.

      If you hold the rights
      to a feature film, register now for free online at

      Buyers can then review
      and bid for territorial rights

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      What are your qualifications? Are you conducting any PAID advertising or marketing efforts for this program, even if entry is “free”? Care to share WHY your service or website, without having to GO there to find out, is a “go to” place for doing this, how you propose to be effective and who in the industry knows enough about you that they’d go there to check out or review independent productions and/or “feature film” productions and bid on them? How can you guarantee against copyright infringement for materials you host there?

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      Thank you for your comments EarlC. Most of the questions you ask are actually answered on our website. However on this occasion I am happy to answer them directly;

      I have worked in the film industry for 14 years, mainly as line producer and then as producer.

      We have no paid advertising on our site yet, so we are completly self funded as a low cost operation intended to assist the filmmaker and or the rights holder, to market their film to the international buyer.

      We regularly visit film markets and festivals and make direct contact with buyers.

      We don’t host any material, trailers are uploaded to third party video websites like youtube. So in essence we are an introduction agency, with the unique free service of bidding(Rights Bidding Systems).

      If you have any further questions, please visit our site.

      Many thanks


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      Not sure one way or another about these guys. Until they get a reputation built or someone reputable in the biz recommends them, I’ll maintain a ‘wait and see’ stance. In the meantime, you can get results from outfits like;

      just to name a few already established outfits where you can go to their websites and get info without having to sign up for anything.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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