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      If most of you are like me there’s at least ONE documentary you’d love to produce. Maybe you already have, even more than one, dozens perhaps? If you simply did this, or think you will be producing one as an out-of-pocket labor of love, don’t be so quick to approach it as a closet shelf video. There’s a market out there, and no matter how shallow, sensitive, creative or primo you think your project could be, is or was, you can certainly sell a few if you promote and market your documentary video production using all the resources available to you. For a little encouragement visit E.C. Come, E.C. Go and read “Market Those Documentaries!”

      Anyone having links or information to self-promotion independent documentary producers and productions; places where such productions are being promoted and marketed; or ideas for documentaries you want to produce and need some feedback regarding them, go ahead and hijack this thread. Share! Either here, or at the blog site linked above.

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