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      Hi Everyone:

      Our company has completed a documentary recently that deals with many subjects such as science, economics, and food. There are 6 people on the documentary that discuss the noted subjects.

      Question One: How do I go about getting my documentary nationally in independent theaters across the USA?

      Question Two: What are the BEST distributor companies in the USA that will purchase my documentary to sell online and in-stores?

      Question Three: How best to get the word out in regard to my ‘grass-roots’ documentary?

      Question Four: What are some of the BEST networking sites to join and get the word out about my new documentary?

      Thank you ahead of time for your help!

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      Here’s some links I’ve read about, see if any of them are of help.

      Marketing and related:

      Order fulfillment and/or distribution: or

      Hosting sites (you’re familiar with them, I’m sure):

      Other possibilities include: with its “Bits on the Run”, and

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      Grinner Hester

      1. Cold call, hand-sell or have your distributor do the leg work.

      2. That’s open to opinion. I can give you my distributor’s contact info if ya like. PM me.

      3. “Be the Brand”. That means tlaking it up everywhere you are at all times.

      4. Youtube, of course. Also, put a freead up on Distributors always crawl around there looking for content.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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