Marantz PMD660 vs. Samson Zoom H4

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      I have not used either of these field recorders, and I can only afford one.Soooooo… with a $749 budget, which one is it?

      I really like the XLR inputs and the portabilityof each. I’m leaning toward the Samson ($250) instead of $500 for the Marantz.

      Has anybody used either? …or both? Which one sucks? Let’s hear it! c’mon!!! It’s a product THROWDOWN. Blood on the forum, let’s go!!!!

      Honestly, I have read almost nothing but praise for both.

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      Or not!

      It seems that I’ve forgotten the Ghandi oath of non-violence on VideoMaker. Well, I’ve considered all the votes and decided on the H4.

      I found this; …excellent thread about synchronizing with the H4.

      I’ll try again later with a more compelling thread.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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