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      I’ve recently purchased the JVC GZ-MG505 camcorder a while ago and had a change to test how well it handles signals from an external microphone. It seems that they’ve implemented some sort of “Auto-gain” that controls the camera’s sound system.

      I’ve recently constructed my own simple “shotgun mic” (PVC pipe with wire and mic elements). It seems to record fine into my camcorder, picking up a ton of off-axis noise and sounds like its clipping the on-axis sound. I doubt it’s a design problem, because the clipping picks up heavily when someone speaks at a normal tone into the front of the microphone, being approximately 2 – 3 feet away. Are there any workarounds, such as finding a good small mic attenuator. I’m not chasing after anything fancy, just need a small mic level adjuster that fits with a 1/8″ miniplug (in and out).

      Any advice on where to find a good, small mic attenuator that I can use to get around this issue ($1 – $10 range)? If this doesn’t help, are there any other options for a better work-around?

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