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      This is the film clip to my new single Man Outta Me.


      Its a
      collaboration between myself as Smile on Impact and a band called
      Captains. I contacted Captains in 2009 and we decided to work on a
      track together. At the time theyd just been recording their new album
      in the U.S. They initially sent me the preliminary mixes of about 8
      tracks and we concluded that the song Man out of Me was probably going
      to translate as the strongest club track. They sent me the vocal parts,
      the keys, the guitar and the bass parts as 320mp3’s via email. I
      established the key and tempo by ear in Ableton Live. The recordings
      were done in real time, with a click track or similar metronome, which
      meant that the tempo did not fluctuate and it was simple to time shift
      the parts to suit a club track. I made a full length club mix and a
      radio edit along with an electro and a breaks remix. I gave the parts to
      my friends What Now, Science of Night and Fabian Gray to create
      alternative club mixes. They came up with some crackers! The single will
      be out on my label in March 2010 and one or more of the mixes will
      appear on Captains new album as a bonus track. Considering weve never
      met, this collaboration is something that both parties are excited
      about. Our promotion will be wider and stronger because with both know
      our markets. If we were both rock bands, or both club music producers we
      wouldnt have the same scope. So as a model for collaboration I think
      it works well.

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