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      I have a client that wants to open their ad with a shot of a guy that
      looks like he is in your TV set. The closest thing that I can think of
      him doing is knocking at the camera and then I add in sound effects.
      But it seems like that there is more that I can do for this. Does
      anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or links to something similar?
      Thanks for the help..

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      Little story to share about this.

      Years ago we had a furniture and appliance shop who’s owner, Tom Peterson, would do these really cheezy ads on TV played late at night. One of them was of him “knocking” on the TV screen yelling at you to “WAKE UP!” to some great sale he was having. A lawsuit was started when an elderly woman, sleeping in her couch, was startled by this causing a mild heart attack.

      So you might want to think out what ever you decide to do.

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      haha….doink doink….Wake UP!

      I like thosegoofy salesmen ads….especially the hillbillie used car salesmen ads…

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      Digital Juice has a Swipes (sound animated wipes) collection called “Screen Smashers” that might do the trick.

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