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      I need some advice, please, on how best to create good quality video files
      from a Flash animation.

      I have produced a series of files of hand drawn animated elements using
      720×576, 15 frames/sec in Flash.

      I export these individual files from Flash, selecting Windows avi as the
      type, then setting the same size and full frames uncompressed in the windows
      that appear before the export starts.

      After that, I bring the exported avi files into Premiere to combine them and
      add the transitions, titles, sounds that I want.

      If I export the timeline to tape from Premiere to my DV camcorder, the
      resulting video when played from the tape to a tv screen looks fairly good.

      If I render the Premiere timeline to a movie using Microsoft DV avi, full
      size PAL and 25 fps, I am prompted to set interlaced no fields, lower or
      upper field or deinterlaced. I have tried all these options, but they all
      look worse than the quality of the DV tape version. They each produced files
      of about 330 MB for a 1:30 minute timeline. I also tried to set no
      compression and produced a 1.5 Gig file, which looked no better.

      I have also tried the use the Adobe media encoder in Premiere selecting
      Windows media format and WM9 Pal download 1024 to produce a 12 MB file of
      the timeline. This one looks as good as any of the other files created in
      Premiere, but still not as good as the quality on the DV tape export.

      The problem is that none of the final movie files look that smooth. Some
      visual elements seem to shimmer and slightly change colour, and the motion
      doesn’t look very smooth and you can see some ghost images in the motions. I
      realize that at 15 fps there will be some sense of jerkiness from an
      animation, but the video files I’ve made so far look worse that the movie
      preview I can see in Flash when I run test movie.

      Is there a better way to create good files from the Flash timeline to import
      into Premiere?

      Should I use a different frame rate in the Flash file? I’ve heard that one
      should use a multiple of the target file format, so would 12.5 fps in Flash
      create better exports for a 25fps PAL movie than my 15 fps? Do I need to go
      to 25 fps in the Flash file properties?

      Should I try to export to something other than Windows avi from Flash, such
      as Flash movie or QuickTime? I know that QuickTime are importable into
      Premiere but I don’t think that Flash movie files are.

      Is there anything I should set differently in Premiere?

      Thanks a lot for any advice.

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      This is what I did and it seemed to work fine.

      Made a 30 fps flash animation and published it out as a Quicktime movie. I dropped it right into Final Cut Pro without a hitch. I then went in and added a sound file through FCP, so I now have an opening animation sequence complete with sound

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      so did you give it a try?

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      komlor Wrote:

      so did you give it a try?

      In my post, I mention that I’m doing work in Premiere, so no, I didn’t have any use for advice on Final Cut Pro.
      This forum has so little traffic that I gave up waiting for advice after a few days and went elsewhere. I did get it solved on another forum, though.
      In any case, thanks for trying to answer.

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