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      Hi there,

      I’m trying to find out how to do this without loosing quality. I’ve got to make a product show for my friend when he goes to his presentation. The video will run from a DVD to a Monitor via a HDMI to DVI cable.

      Yet it seems this method causes to much quality to be lost. I’m not sure what video setup I should use.

      For instance PAL DV 720×576 (16:9) which has the 1.4 pixel aspect ratio OR

      use the square pixels PAL DV which is 1050×576.

      Can anyone clarify which would be the best or an alternative, I was thinking maybe just creating it in 1080P then running it from a computer?


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      If not using a blu-ray player, I would use the computer method to get 1080p.  Is there a TV out there that can run a video file from a USB flash drive without a PC or blu-ray player attached?  That would be the ticket.


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