Making SD look good on HDTV

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When I convert my old VHS and Video8tapes to digital, they look fine on a regular TV but when viewing

them on my 42 inch HDTV, they don't look very good.

I use a Toshiba DVD/VHS player (modelSD-V296KU) hooked to a Canopus ADVC 300 to convert from analog to
digital. From the ADVC 300, the signal goes to Sony Vegas Proediting software in the PC. After some editing, the result is burnedonto a DVD.

What can I do to make the viewing lookbetter on my HDTV. I realize that standard definition cannot
technically be up-converted to high definition but is there some wayto make the quality of the picture better than standard definition?

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My friend you are trying to change 'apples' to 'oranges'. You're trying to make a much lower resolution format of video look 'better' on a much higher video format TV. Not gonna' happen.

That said, depending on what the original tapes were shot on, what kind of condition they're still in (analog tape degrades after a number of years and how many times have they been viewed are major factors) will decide how good a 'quality' image you have to work with. You could try to 'remaster' the video in Vegas Pro to a certain degree with color correction tweaks but unless it was shot on a pro Hi-8 or Betacam-SP camera, even 'tweaks' aren't going to help much.

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I agree with Composite1 but I'd add that if they're still on tape, get them transfered to digital as soon as you can. In my experience they degrade terribly over time. Stuff that I converted closer in time to the actual shooting looks a lot better today, looking back.

One other thought--try not blowing the picture up to a full screen but keeping it smaller, say 2/3 screen size with a nice background behind it to fill the rest of the screen. Not ideal, but it might make it more "bearable" if it's that bad.

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Red Giant Software have a plugin called Instant HD which at some degree """fix""" the image quality. It will not make it look HD, but what it really does effectively is scale the video image to conform the video resolution (Example: from 720x480 to 1920x1080) I agree with Composite1, you cannot make a low resolution video look like a high resolution, but with some plugins and color correction you could manage an acceptable remaster footage.


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