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      Hello again: I’ve been off the forum for about a year and am returning to update you all regarding the progress I am making on my real estate video website at

      I recently noticed a lot of storefronts being advertised for rent in my neighborhood so I made exterior shots of the signs, storefronts and streets they were on and hosted them on my website. I then called up the owners or brokers who were renting them and asked for their permission to show the videos on my website at my own advertising and promotional expense. After making several calls one broker asked me to do some interior shots of his two stores and I now have them up on my website and invite you to view them. They are the first two listings on BROADWAY after you click on the RETAIL SPACE link on my home page.

      My purpose in sharing these real estate videos is to encourage videomakers like yourselves to get a foot in the door of the real estate video market. Besides the video camera all you really need is a website on which to upload and arrange your real estate video listings. I wouldn’t worry about making any money at first. That will come naturally once you have a portfolio or gallery of videos to show. The bottom line is to try making and marketing some real estate videos in order to see if you like that aspect of video-making services to the public. I believe that there is a lot of money-making potential in it but if you don’t enjoy doing it than it may not be right for you.

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      But ARE you making anything? And, if not, how long do you intend to offer this free service before trying to monetize it? I mean, after a very short period, seems it would not be a good way to pursue developing an income-generating service. Hard to move from “free” to charged service if you do it too long. The person bringing you back for interior shots, did you get paid for doing that? Just curious how you intend to convert this to a money maker, much less profitable business enterprise.

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      “But ARE you making anything? And, if not, how long do you intend to offer this free service before trying to monetize it?”

      I’m not looking to make any money at it till I retire this summer andhave more time to doit. I just got my first invite to shoot aninterior this weekafter putting some exterior shots up on my website a few weeks ago, and thought to share it with other videographers who may be interested in making real estate videos.

      “I mean, after a very short period, seems it would not be a good way to pursue developing an income-generating service. Hard to move from “free” to charged service if you do it too long.”

      That’s true but I’m not much of a salesman or hustler and others may generate more income shooting videos than I ever do. I’m more of an advertising and promotion kind of guy and as interested in developing a national network of real estate videographers as making the videos myself.

      “The person bringing you back for interior shots, did you get paid for doing that?”

      Naw, I told him I’d do it for free since he was very encouraging and my first customer. He’s a broker and I’m interested in repeat business.

      “Just curious how you intend to convert this to a money maker, much less profitable business enterprise.”

      Based on the laws of supply and demand the more demand I can create for my video services the more I can charge. I’m not concerned about that in the least.

      What do you think about the quality of the shots? Professional, semi-professional or entirely inadequate and amateurish?

      The exteriors are the most difficult to do since there is a lot of truck traffic on Broadway during the week and they block your view when double-parked or just stopping at a traffic light. Looks like Saturday and Sunday will be my exterior shooting days. I was rather pleased with the way the interiors turned out and feel like I have found a good way to get my foot in the door of the real estate video business.

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      Hello John…

      I viewed a couple, and based on what I surmise along with your general comments, I suppose this IS something you could develop, work into, eventually establish, but there ARE a few things you need to consider ASAP.

      First and foremost, as soon as you possibly can get your video into larger windows for viewing, and I do realize you may have some limitations regarding bandwidth, your current web site service provider restraints, capacity, software and editing tools, etc. There are a LOT of options “out there” for generating larger windows, but it will be dependent upon your current acquisition and clip conversion resources. VERY difficult to see much in such a tiny window, and it isn’t likely, regardless of the contents, that a real estate agent/agency will be willing at ANY point to pay for your services if you do not enlarge your playback windows for clips.

      Second, the frame rate isn’t smooth, and while the camera narrative and open mic traffic sounds may be no hindrance at this time, that too will need enhancement for quality and ease of hearing. Again, I am sure this has to do with your current level of compression, frame rates, etc. etc. but again, focus on improving this as soon as you can.

      I think you are trying to post your written info in sort of a billboard style or effect, but it is way large and doesn’t need to be. It should be smaller, more uniform and keep the content tight, succinct and to the point. Not too much of the stuff that sounds like a midway carney but short, simple useful information. Show and tell, but let the realty people (especially since this is all for free right now) do the hawking, selling or descriptive stuff when someone contacts them regarding the property.

      I do not want to sound harsh, nor do I want to disuade you from pursuing this. It is something with potential, and you seem to have a mind and focus on a specific personal intent. By all means go for it, but do, as soon as possible, find ways to improve, enhance, define and tighten. Good luck, and I am NOT being facitious.

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      Thanks EarlC: That’s about as comprehensive a review as one could ask for and I appreciate your taking the time to point out all of the shortcomings in my productions so far. I’m curious about the larger screen size you say is needed. Are you getting the same 5 x 8 inch screen I am when clicking on a video? It’s coded in wmv and comes up fine ona Windows Media Player.

      As for the improvements in the videography, compression rates and billboard size which you suggest, I will keep them in mind as I continue with the project. My over-riding interest at the moment though is to simply show the website to other videographersin order to invite and encourage them to join me in getting into the business of real estatevideography. Towards this end, I have created in which there is a bulletin board for other videographers in the U.S. topost a link totheir local real estate video services.

      As mentioned in my opening post, all you really need is your own bulletin board to list and linkvideos to whatever website one chooses to upload them to. A friend of mine put the home page ofmy website up for me and simply included links to my various bulletin boards.Igot the ideaalmost twoyears ago but haven’t had time to pursue or develop it until now.

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      I have enjoyed following the conversation on this topic and I thought I would mention that this website has a great article on someone doing real estate videos. Here is the link. It has a lot of good insight as well as how to price this type of work.

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      My playback is the size of a commemorative postage stamp, using Mac OSX, so that may be the problem with viewing and my associated comments. I am most definitely NOT getting 5×8 or anything near it. Can’t really judge resolution going by the size playback I am able to get.

      Free, or not, web content regardless of the focus needs to reflect quality on audio and video for today’s discerning and technologically astute internet users. There are certainly times with certain issues can and will be overlooked by the general viewer/audience, but when seeking to eventually grow an idea such as yours into a money generating system – first and foremost people investing, spending and utilizing big bucks into well the sale or leasing of properties, for example, aren’t going to be impressed with nor want to be associated with something that to them seems amateurish and doesn’t exude quality and credibility. High end realty does not take the old soap or white shoe polish on the windows approach to hawking their properties, and it would be easy for what you are doing to be misinterpreted that way.

      Also, I am so doubtful of the potential or incentive for very many video producers around the country to put much, if any, time into shooting this stuff and posting on yours, theirs or any other “free” links. Very few people want to, or can afford to work for nothing. Their time has to be worth something to them, to you and to the real properties base you are trying to reach. Otherwise, we’d all be standing on the highway exits holding up “will work for food” signs.

      Yeah, I still have mine πŸ™‚

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      Quote from Cville: “I have enjoyed following the conversation on this topic and I thought I would mention that this website has a great article on someone doing real estate videos. Here is the link. It has a lot of good insight as well as how to price this type of work.”

      The article was top-notch and should be read by anyone interested in shooting real estate videos. Fred Light offers good advice and is a great example of a successful real estate videographer. Thanks for posting the link and drawing our attention to the story, Great contribution to the thread!

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      Quote from EarlC: “My playback is the size of a commemorative postage stamp, using Mac OSX, so that may be the problem with viewing and my associated comments. I am most definitely NOT getting 5×8 or anything near it. Can’t really judge resolution going by the size playback I am able to get.”

      Looks like my audience is going to be limited to those who use Windows Media player or can otherwise receive wmv files showing videos in an 5 x 8 inch screen size. I recorded the videos in ACVHD and converted them directly to wmv9 using TMPGEnc, version 4, upping the bit rate 60% to avoid excessive frame jumping. I’m not very technically minded and was happy to get the high resolution that I did. It’s much better than when I converted standard MPEG2 files to wmv.

      A bulletin board with links to videographers who make real estate videos doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of their work since I could put a link on my bulletin board to Fred Light’s website or any other videographer’s website. What I want to do is open the field up to videographers like myself who are simply trying to get started in the real estate videography business. The other Real Estate Board on the home page of The Real Estate Video Show is open for videographers to list and show videos of properties being rented or sold in their neighborhood or area just as I am doing in mine. Think of it as a grass-roots enterprise keeping in mind the old real estate adage of location, location, location.

      And don’t worry about the money. Just start shooting short exterior videos of stores and retail space for rent in your neighborhood, uploading them to a website and putting a link to them in your area on my Real Estate Board. I don’t care if you live in New York State or Nevada. It’s a big country and there is plenty of room for you to grow on The Real Estate Video Show.

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      I edited a mispelling in the above post and got a whole bunch of A’s throughout it.

      Does that happen all the time?

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      Not ALL the time, John, but I fixed it for you. Enjoyed the conversation. I understand what you are saying, and see you worked hard to get it right so far as your clips.

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      Thank you, Earl. I’m enjoying the conversation as well. I visited your website, updated my Quick-time plug-inand was very impressed with the variety and high quality of both your website and well-edited videos. Is there no way to view wmv files using Windows Media on a Mac? I would hate to think that Mac users are stuck with postage-size images of myWindows Mediavideo files.

      You seem to be doing very well in the areas you have chosen toapply your videoproduction talents and website skills, andprobably make more money at it than you wouldfollowing Fred Liight’s billing adviceforselling real estate videos. One of the main reasons I chose the real estate market to concentrate on exclusively is thatother video markets seem to be saturated with professionals such as yourself and the competition would leave me in the lower income range anyway.

      The other main reasonandmotivation forshowingvideo clips of real estateon the Internet is that there ispractically noediting involved other than trimmingand arranging them insequential order for website presentation on a bulletin board like I use. Short clips load faster and can be quickly removed if the owner or broker does not like one.Knowing next to nothing about website design and html I simply have to change the names of the video files in the original html template which my home page designer gave me in order to ftp videos onto my website server. It’s not a complicated process at all and if I can do it I don’t see why even a rankamateur cannot.

      I’ve dispensed with the idea of putting real estate videos on DVD’s unless specifically requested to do so by an owner or broker because of the transient nature of advertising and promoting the rental or sale of real estate. Who needs memories of a propertywhen it wasbeing rented or sold? Of course, I save all my videos on DVD’s after uploading them but even that is not necessary since I can download them from the unlimited space provided my webhosting service anytime.

      Iappreciate the opportunity to share this information with other posters on the forums and look forward to linking up to any real estate videos they have made or intend to. Admittedly,real estateis a narrow scope upon which to focus one’s lensesbut if in addition to other markets you should happen to see some properties for rent or salein your neighborhoodand get an exteriorshot or two of them up on a website Ishall be delighted to list yourprofessional video production services in the great state of California on my exclusive bulletin board for U.S. real estate videographers.

      Needless to say, any videographer with a bulletin board on the Internet can post, list andlink to, whatever video services they choose to offer.

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      Just to keepthose of you who are interested in making money shooting real estate videosup todate I actually earned my first dollar from a broker who hired me to shoot about 10 of the retail properties he is trying to rent in Manhattan.The first one was a three-room restaurant in Chelsea and I have these shots up on my website now for your viewing pleasure. I’ll keep you posted as I get the rest up over the next few days. Man, I can’t wait to retire from my full-time job and spend the rest of my lifepromoting real estate videos. Enjoy.

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      Technical suggestions: I agree with Eric regarding background sounds. I would suggest investing in some royalty free music to replace the on-sight audio. I would also suggest adding a short audio narrative about the realestate, giving locations (you did some of this) but add more information about the area, transportation, etc. You are trying to represent the seller so you now also take on the roll of salesperson for the realestate.

      I have a procedure that I use video for things that move, and photographs for things that don’t move. For photos, I use a program called “Photo to Movie” ( to create a video clip of a photo – it gives me the control to pan around the picture to what I think is important. Most realestate sites either have photos or movies but rarely have moving photos. This may help you stand out from others.

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      Hello LDPLDP: I prefer the on-site audio to a musical background for the exteriors and prefer a deathly silence in the interiors to any narration by me since I stress in the opening post of each Topic on The Real Estate Board that neither the videos nor the videographers represent either the buyer or seller of the properties shown and that only the listed owner, broker or real estate agent is legitimately authorized to represent the seller of the property. My roleas salesperson is limited to advertising and promoting the idea of usingvideos on the Internet as a tool for real estate brokers and agents to use in their rental or sale ofproperties.

      Check it out for yourself here:

      Ialso prefer the panoramic scenes and opportunities that video provideswhen it comes to shooting real estate sincethe process of shooting anduploadingvideos to my website appeals to the video producer and network organizer in me. I am just as interested in advertising and promoting otherpeople’s real estate videos and websites as I ammy own. I put an ad for real estate videographers on Craig’s List last week andthree have already registered on far.

      Anyway, thanks for your advice and for sharing your interest in making real estate videos with us.

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      Canyou tellusplease how much do you charge to record the video?

      Thank you

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      I charge on the basis of a client’s willingness and ability to pay for the amount of work that I have to do and am very flexible and adaptivein mostcircumstances since I am just starting out and have yet to build up a very impressive portfolio. If a job looks attractive in terms of building up my portfolio I will usually leave the amount to paid me up to the client. This works well with brokers whomI want to cultivate and develop an ongoingbusiness relationship. I’m pretty much satisfied at the moment with earning about $50hron ajob even though I don’t make that much onmost of the jobs I have done so far.

      My problem is that I am still working full-time in a regular job andwill not be able to devote more time to making videos until I retire this summer. I’m lucky to have accomplishedas much asI did during a recent 5-week vacation and do not expect to be very active again until I am fully retired from my day job. My most recent shoot was of a Condo in Queens for a real estate broker there. I am now uploading my videos to Motionbox and they look about as good as it gets.

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      Hey JohnCrawford,

      I’m just starting up my own real estate video business as well here in Northwest Indiana (go Midwest!). Anyways, I was looking at the upload rules for Motionbox, and it says they don’t allow real estate videos or tours. So, I’m about to upload my first tour, but I want to make sure that Motionbox won’t take my video off their site when I have already given the realtor the link. So, my question is have you ever had Motionbox take down any of your real estate videos from their site?

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      To flogonojo: Motionbox offers professional video-hostingto people like you and Ifor $10/month, cancellable any time.

      I like the convenience, hi-quality and professionalism of their video service and plan to makeextensive use of it in the future so I signed up.

      I highly recommend Motionbox for uploading AVCHD files without conversion andfor giving viewersthe choice of playing them back in either standard or hi-def formats.

      I don’t even have to bother embedding them in emails or on my websitebut just copy and paste the URL wherea particularfile folder is located on their site.

      I couldn’t have found a more convenient solution to the problems I was having withpeople viewing my old.wmv files.

      Thanks for asking. I enjoy sharing info with other real estate videomakers now that I am in the business of promoting real estate videos on

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      MotionBox does allow commercial real estate videos, but you have to have a pro account and pay a higher fee, based on usage and bandwidth. I pay about $100-$150 per month depending on traffic. Their basic plan is for personal use only.

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      With the convenient and relatively inexpensive hi-def video hosting services that Motionbox offers professionals, the only other Internet tools that real estate video makers need are inexpensive Bulletin Boards like the ones being used on The Real Estate Video

      My introductory board divides NY City up into Manhattan districts and adjacent boroughs on which any videomaker living in those areas can post a link to their own Video Production Bulletin Board listing real estate for sale or rent within that area. Real estate sales are all about location, location, location, and local brokers and video makers should know more about what is for rent and sale in their neighborhood than some broker or video maker living in another city, town or state.

      I further divided NY State into counties and regions in order for real estate video makers in those areas to post links to videos of properties for sale or rent in those areas. All you need is a local Bulletin Board like the second one I am using as a resident of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Staking out and laying a claim to your own neighborhood does not restrict your video services to that area but merely indicates where you are located on the real estate map of the country. Anyone, except brokers and agents, of course, can post videos of real estate for sale or rent on the Upper West Side on my Upper West Bulletin Board including you if you are are member andhappen tohave a client on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

      The jist of all this is that if video makers who want to make and show their real estate videos on the Internet work together we can create a network of video producers dedicated to doing just that. Without giving away a little trade secret by intentionally publicizing it, if that were possible, the future of real estate sales and rentals lies with the video makers who can show videos of properties for sale or rent as well as any real estate agent can show the property in person.

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      Oh, man. All those A’s showed up again in my last post. What gives?

      Surely, can provide a better Bulletin Board than this one.

      The problem only seems to arise upon the editing of a post.

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      Can anyone tell me what file size I should shoot for (pardon the pun). I’m doing a real estate video (my first) for a real estate agent friend of mine, who asked me to e-mail it her. But Comcast limits e-mails sizes to 15 MB, and the compressed flash video I just created from my 4-1/2 minute video is 18 MB.

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      Dear pkuning: Why don’t you just upload it to Youtube or WelcomeMat as is andemail your friend a link to the webpage address where your video can be simply clicked on? You can always delete it later if you want to replace it with a final version.


      They claim to have no file size limitation and you can use the service for free for awhile.

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      John, doesn’t take but a minute to go back in (I know, it is frustrating but in the interest of a clean post – and keep in mind we get this forum with all its wonders and warts for free) and clean things up. Makes it easier for EVERYONE to read. Took me less than a minute to clean the A’s out. You can do it next time πŸ™‚

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      It seemed to have happened only when I edited that post. I’ll be more aware of it next time and clean up my own mess in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the info.

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      Evan Patrick

      I posted this already, but I’m not sure if it was in the right location (I don’t blog much)

      Well, I happen to be in the opposite situation, in that I’m starting my career instead of retiring. Coincidentally, I went to Chico State, which is where Videomaker is located. Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of people suggest making Real Estate Vids. With video production, it’s about finding that niche. And this is definitely a market that hasn’t been tapped in to. After reading all of these posts, I would definitely agree that it seems a lot of marketing would need to take place to get clients, even if you are offering a low price. I’ve never bought or sold a house, but I get the impression Realtors are pretty stingy.

      I’ve already invested in HD equipment for weddings, but that stuff is time consuming. Brides insanely undervalue a good HD production until their wedding is over. Then they want a fricken Hollywood production, and its too late. So I’ve been trying to figure out other ways to make money with HD video.

      So here is what I am thinking. It seems pretty easy to shoot and edit a Real Estate video in a day. It’s basically just a B-Roll video with music and a couple of titles. If videographers can do same day wedding videos, than I better damn well be able to do a same day real estate video.

      So if that goes to plan, I am totally willing to charge 100 bucks. And again, this is just to start out and get the feel of things. After figuring out how to market the product, I could charge more, take on bigger projects, and maybe it will lead some where. But AT WORST, I’d have a ton of quality HD video demo material.

      Not that anyone cares, but my two ideal jobs are A) make travel videos, destination video, etc. (Travel Channel) and B) get into buying and selling real estate.

      So the whole Video Realestate idea doesn’t seem like a bad thing to experiment with for awhile.

      Do you guys think I should just go for it, or continue along the HD wedding path?

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      My recommendation for marketing property videos is to upload them to a website and post links to them on as many real estate websites as you can or care to since people looking for videos of properties for sale on the Internet usually google for “real estate videos.”

      It is toward this end that I have created The Real Estate Video Show for videographers all over the country to post links to their videos on websites. The name of the game is to organize listings in an orderly fashion by type and location. The more videos that one website shows or links to by area the higher the google rating will become as more and more viewers click on to it.

      Eventually, you will need a bulletin or forum board like this one to list all of your videos by property type and location but suitable ones are available for as little as $50/yr if not free.

      Anyone can set up a bulletin board for listing videos in their area and even for the entire state they live in if they want. Viewers just click on the state they live in or want to buy in and check out the listings in that area.

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      Hi Kids,
      There is money to be made in Real Estate Video.
      You have to sell it. Sell it as a “Evolution” in the way “they” (agents)
      do their business. Sure they dont have to use video, but when their competion does…watch out! Then the fireworks start. Its just a matter of time.
      Everything evolves, always does.
      The trick is to be in position when it turns.
      “The future of advertising isn’t on TV, its on your own website”,
      everyone and their mothers have a website and something to push.
      I just give them a hand.


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