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Hi folks. I often have to produce promotional videos that helps to promote the organization I am working with. We are a non-profit missions organization. We have works all around the world. The work I do is to try to put together videos that help other people to know what we have been doing, to update them or to encourage them to join us.

Does any body else works in this type of production?

I am new in making promotional videos and hardly find material on how to make this videos on the internet. I mean, styles, ideas, what to do and not to do, things like that.

If you guys want to pinch in ideas, or experiences it would be great.

Ask question too if you want.

Thanks. God bless.

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This is a project I did for our local Chamber of Commerce. I hope it helps.

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I have done a lot of this kind of work,Akeline (a lot). Tell me more about what you need to do. I'd be happy to offer advice if I can. What mission organization? My Father-in-Law was with TEAM in Wheaton, Ill for years.


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I think we all do this kind of work on a constant basis. You are wlcome to cruise my content on my website but in the end, the last thing you ever want to do is to follow others... at least when wanting to be creative. Something new is what you are after right? Budget is always the restriction. Once you know the deadline and budget, you can plan that ceretain video vibe. That varies and it's always maximized.

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