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      Hi there everybody!

      I’m about to build/buy a new system to edit using Avid Xpress DV, and once I’ve made my movies, I want to be able to make them into DVDs which can be viewed on any domestic player. I don’t think the Avid software i’m getting comes with any DVD authoring software, so could anybody out there reccomend any?

      All i want is to be able to make fairly simple DVDs, with basic menus, chapter stops, and hopefully an image for the menu background (or even video!?). The DVDs will be of clients weddings and so will be about 1 hour in main program duration. Any suggestions?

      I’m also interested in getting a lightscribe DVD burner so i can make classy looking discs. Does anybody know anything about Lightscribe or ever used it? Or do you know of any alternatives? (lightscribe drives laser-etch a design onto the blank top-surface of the disc, which should look pretty classy)

      I thank you for your time and help with this,

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      well if you are doing all this on a mac, then I would reccommnd idvd. It can do nice motion menus and has some wedding templates already built in. All you do is drag and drop your video into the frame and it sets it up for you. It isn’t 100% customizeable but it is the “simplest” way I know of to do dvds. If you are using a PC, good luck, no clue what to use!

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      for PC, roxio’s DVD Builder works great for this or you could use something like ulead disc factory.

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      We use Avid Media Composer at work. My NLE editor has not been able to go from his Avid video to a DVD direct. He says he has to covnvert the Avid file (.omf) to a Quicktime (.mov). Then he uses Discreet cleaner to convert to a .mpeg2 so that it can be burned to a DVD.

      As a work around we bought a VHS player to DVD burner.

      He now outputs his video to DVCPro tape. Then feeds the tape into the VHS>DVD unit (standalone). He’s not pleased with the Avid.

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      Hello again! Thanks for the posts!!
      Since my previous post i’ve found out a couple of things:

      1. Lightscribe uses discs that aren’t as compatible as regular burnt DVDs (and are also more expensive and harder to find). Can anyone back this up?

      Because of this i would like to get a DVD label printer, and one that makes as proffesional looking discs as possible, without costing a fortune! Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

      2. I have heard that getting a video edited on Avid, and then burnt to DVD for playback on domestic DVD players is tricky and complicated? Does anybody have any experience of this, or can anyone give me some advice about this? (Lucian: Could you give me any tips or advice on what to do in my situation? I haven’t bought any hardware or software yet, what would you reccomend i do? Should i not go down the AVID path and choose a different editor altogether?)

      Thanks for reading & (hopefully) replying to this post, only 3 days before i buy my new system!! AAAAAAAHHHH! Hope i get the right stuff!!!!

      Many regards,

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      I’m really having troubles with my ISP. Everytime it gets hot (we’re in west Texas) I can’t get the server. It’s now 10:10PM. It’s been up for about 15 minutes now. If they can’t fix it soon I’ll be dropping the broadband/cable internet. So I don’t know if this will be my last post for a while.

      1. AVID: We went from MAC OS8 to PC AVID Adrenaline with Media Composer. We are pleased with the AVID. It does what we want it to do and then some (except for the DVD issue). We have found that the PC version is much more stable and reliable than our old MAC.

      2. When we output to tape (DVC Pro or BETA) we get an outstanding product. No complaints at all.

      3. When we want to go to DVD then things seem to fall apart.

      NOTE: I am a still photographer by trade. All my techs have come straight out of tech school. Last year we averaged out our years to be 3.5 years experience per person – me + 4. So I am not an expert by any means. I’m learning and am more in the admin side of the house. Come 01 Aug it will be me and one videographer who will have 3years 8 mos in the field. Yep, Blind leading the Blind. But we’re giving it the good old college try.

      My most enterprising troop then came to the conclusion that we should output to tape. The boss gave us $400 to get a Panasonic VHS>DVD player recorder (consumer grade). So he used a Panasonic lap top editor to play the final DVC Pro tape into the VHS>DVD unit. He was successful in creating a DVD. It looks softer than what’s on the tape but still very acceptable.

      I’ve seen posts where people output to tape then using a software other than Avid capture the tape then burn a DVD or author a DVD. All we have is Avid Media Composer.

      I saw one post and if I remember it correctly the editor took the tape outputted from the AVID and inputted it to Final Cut Pro. From there he authored a DVD. I don’t remember if he used any additional software to comeup with the final DVD.

      I do wish I could be more help. I’m still in the learning stages and it is extremely frustrating. We’re flying by the seat of our pants and it is most uncomfortable.

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      If you want to do it easily, get a Mac. iDVD will come with it, free! After that, you can upgrade to DVD Studio Pro if you want to get more technical with your menus.

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      I edit with Applied-Magic’s Screenplay, burn a DVD+RW on a stand-alone DVD recorder, then import the DVD(mpeg) into the PC. Here, I only edit the Title Screen/Thumbnails with Sonic’s “My DVD Studio Deluxe”. This is really very simple and fast since there isn’t any format/file conversions. Quality is exactly what was recorded on the stand-alone. A 2 hour program only takes 15 minutes to load, a few minutes to create a new opening graphic background, then about 15 minutes to burn a DVD+R master. From here, the 7 bay DVD burner makes all the copies.
      Most of my work is marketing videos that are 7-10 minutes. I can do this whole process- stand-alone burn to PC master in less than 30 minutes. This is about as simple as it gets.

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      Unless you have tried it and know you like it I would advise against Avid. Many people find it frusterating and complicating to work with. If you go the windows route I would recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore DVD or you could get Adobe Video Collection Pro which includes Premire Pro and Encore DVD along with Photoshop CS2 Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects for a discounted price. If you have more cash I would go the Mac route. Mac’s come with the imovie editor and you can upgrade to either final cut express or final cut pro, there are also a few options for dvd burning programs to.

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      You’ve probably already got your software. But if not, I’d recommend that you download a trial version of what you are considering first. Most allow this. So much of NLE and DVD authoring software is personal preference.

      Personally, I use Ulead’s Media Studio Pro 7 and DVDWorkshop2 and are very satisfied with them.

      I wish you success on your endevours.

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      Because of this i would like to get a DVD label printer, and one that makes as proffesional looking discs as possible, without costing a fortune! Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

      I would suggest that you don’t start labeling your disks. Personally, I think they just don’t work as well as you would think. Your putting a sticker on a dvd. I’ve used them, so I’m speaking from experience. They are more hassle than they are worth. If you are looking for inexpensive & quality, I would suggest getting an Epson stylus photo R200 printer. Not only will it print pages and photos, it also has a tray to put blank inkjet printable dvd’s in, and will print right on the dvd. The injet printable dvd’s, I’ve found between 25-50 cents a piece depending on if you get them online or at walmart. The printer, the last time I saw it was $99.99. You should check it out.


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