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      Is there a difference in making money with video and being in the video business? Seriously, how do some of you perceive making money VS being in the video business?

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      For me it’s ‘being in business doing what I love to do’. Since I’m one of those rare types that likes Producing the same as the other creative parts, I have no problem with the ‘Business Side’. However, I do find the minutia of marketing and business tiresome, but they are no different in my eyes as making sure my crew has everything we need to get the project made. Now far as just being a ‘suit’ who manages a VPC, forget that! If I couldn’t get into the studio, on-location or in the edit bay on a regular basis this would just be a ‘job’.

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      I am married. I’m lucky if I get sex, never mind money. I’m pretty sure all the bills are getting paid, won’t tell you why…


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      I didn’t see I’m in business but I don’t make any money on the list. πŸ™‚

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      I have to pay the bills, that’s the bottom line. Video has allowed me to do that for more than 20 years. Before that and since, I have enjoyed creating labors of love. A product of passion. I’m thankful I get to apply a little bit of that passion in everything project I do that pays the bills. I’m more thankful that I still put it into projects that mean eveything to me when I am in between jobs that feel more like work.

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      How about “I’m in business to get super awesome equipment and write offs are a plus!”? Ok not really, but that is how it feels right now. I always find something else to throw my $ back into in this business.

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      The difference between a labor of love and paying the bills – Many years ago, I was a high priced IT consultant (back in the day when the skills were appreciated and revered). One client was especially troublesome in giving clear directions and explicitly told me not to do anything unless I got “direction” from him. One day, he came walking by as I was just sitting there – He looked at me and asked “Why do I pay you?” to which I replied “You pay me to be here, whether I work or not is dependent on you”. Needless to say, he started letting me to my own devices from that point forward (and got a lot of work for it).

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