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      …how do you make money with movies? I just make little fictional no-budget films here in Arizona. I don’t so much want to make money, as get my film seen. How do I get my stuff out there? I want to make a name for myself before I graduate and go into the world of feature films.

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      castostarlight Wrote:

      …how do you make money with movies?

      How do you make a little money with movies? Easy, start with a lot of money.

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      Ooh, that was helpful…

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      But, it’s true.

      For every person who makes any money producing a movie project, there’s a thousand who lost it.

      If you just want a few copies sold, try Amazon.

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      Do you have a county film commission? Try making contacts there. Do you have a small local movie theater? It does take money to get started, how much is research and good luck. Over the years, Videomaker has discussed this. Start searching publications and articles.

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      You kind of need a gimmick! Contacts also sure help. I know this is kind of long but heres an example I have done for the last 4 years.

      I used to be an assistant high school varsity football coach for 20 years where I live so naturally Im still connected. When my son started playing in high school I hung up my whistle because I wanted to watch and film all of the games for him so he had something to remember his season by. After the first year his friends wanted copies so naturally I charged them a small fee for them. 😯

      Soon hes on Varsity his junior year so naturally I kept filming. This time I made this timeline highlight movie of the entire season. Im talking a full blown edited version with wild graphics, music, voiceovers, on the spot interviews and served it up in full DVD case with a neat label. It was kind of a lot of work but I love football so much that I didnt mind. (It beat editing a wedding video for a change. πŸ˜‰ ) In the end it looked like a cross between NFL films and an ESPN highlight reel.

      OK so last year the team made it to the 3 round of the state playoffs which is something special. When I was done with this movie it turned out really neat. I made arrangements to use the schools auditorium which is set up like a movie theater. I got my hands on a multimedia DLP projector, plugged the audio into the thunderous sound system they have and had a premiere night for everyone who wanted to come. There were about 400 people that showed up. The players, parents, grandmas, grandpas and friends all ate this up. Needless to say sales was good this last season. I have been charging $50.00 a copy and I have been selling between 40 and 50 copies each year except this last season. I ended up selling 65 copies. Sure I make more on a wedding but there is something very rewarding about the look on these high school players faces when they bought these because they knew that they could now watch themselves over and over again the rest of their lives.

      Conclusion: Depending on where you live, dont underestimate what parents will pay to have a well done video history of little Johnny or Suzy participating in school events or any events for that matter. You see most parents dont have video cameras and if they do, they hate using them because of the hassle and they end up looking like typical home movies. These same parents also know that their kids wont be kids for ever so why pay for pictures when you can have live action video. In other words you got them right where you want them. Read my signature phrase below and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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      Most excellent, your video sports niche AND your article about it. You have the classic kind of Luck, defined as when being ready (preparation) meets opportunity.
      Several years ago, in mid/late 90’s, a video mentor of mine (kind of a pioneer in breaking the gender barrier, she operated one of the 35mm movie cams for the hit Murphy Brown TV show), tried to pass off to me a couple gigs of shooting high school baseball players to create videos for their pursuit of college athletic scholarships. At the time, I was focused on resuming my status as a government bureaucrat far away from the video field. I sold my soul for you know what and didn’t pursue those gigs.
      Am curious about whether high school athletes still use videos to pursue scholariships and if there is a market for "professional" videos for this purpose.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Yes, those videos still apply. the last few years I have done videos for students in stage/drama. Next week I’m doing cheerleaders. At least it’s easier than the hiking I did for the mountain bike downhill race a couple weeks ago. Strangely, most still need VHS format for the applications.

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      To answer your question regarding scholarship scout films, Absolutely! During the course of the season I shoot each game of just the plays only. This comes to about 35 minutes of video. 😯 Hum you sit there in the cold and rain for 2-1/2 hours and there is only 30 minutes of action. (I do take b-roll before and after each game as well.) Anyway I keep each game separate on my HDs. During the creation of my highlight video I would of course just pick the highlights and b-roll from each game like NFL Films does. At the end of the season if any of the players want a set of game films, they would just let me know what games (usually 3) they wanted and I would put a nice DVD together for them. That part isnt real intensive because all I do is drag the 3 games they want on a timeline, transcode and burn the disk. I charge $30.00 for one disk and just $8.00 for any additional disk after that. In fact I just did two players about 2 weeks ago.

      Youre right for this is a major niche out there. The problem is there are so many high schools and you would need a kagillion videographers and editors. For the most part I just do this for more of a hobby than anything else so I guess with working my normal job I just dont have any real incentive to institute something like this. Im finding that football works the best because of the number of participants. The more participants the more sales.

      I did film last falls high school play and this years spring play as well. I ran into an issue though that I guess I never though would be an issue. It had to do with the licenses and rights. I found out that the high school has to pay $5000.00 for the rights to put on this play and that does NOT include filming and marketing any video for sale. (This can be another whole topic I guess!) I can see the HS paying for the rights to use the script and music score because they are going to use it to make money so I figured that because the kids were putting on the play and werent getting paid that I figured I could film them and sell these back to the kids and parents. I was told by the high school director that only 1 video could be made as part of the agreement to archive as a reference and a teaching tool. Whether this is true or not I do not know. What a shame thoughbecause you could make a lot of money selling these back to the kids, parents, grandmas and grandpas an so fourth.

      Gentlemen, its not really the money so much. The real reason I do this is for the kids because I wish someone had done this for me when I was in school. All I have to show my son when I played are pictures and newspaper articles. I guess being the nice guy I am, I didnt want these kids feeling the same way I do when they’re my age. That makes me feel good at the end of the day.


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      Sports Film

      What your saying makes great sense. But, I should have specified. I only do things with a plot and script. I’m a kinda artistic sorta guy. I truly appreciate your message, and I could apply some highlights to my videomaking.

      I make dramas, comedies, and things to that effect. As for licesnses. Keep in mind, I’m 16 years old. I don’t even have a driver’s license, yet alone one for distributing film. Therein lies my dilema, being a 16 year old aspiring film director in Mesa, Arizona, how can I get seen and make a gateway for myself to enter the feature film business.

      I may use DV but I’ve got the heart of 35mm.

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      Lol. It makes sense. Even when I obtain my goal I’ll always be reaching for anoter within the same feild.

      Thanks for the advice, that should do it for me. Thank you to everyone who replied.

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