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      I’m a film student. Several professors have mentioned that you can make gear for much cheaper than you’d buy it for. Aside from the average zip cord, what else are common self-made items? Is there a good book out there that tackles this stuff? I’m having trouble finding one. Thanks!

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      Here are a few websites that offer plans and ideas for some stuff. Most of it is towards hardware though.

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      If you are looking for a site that makes electronic components, you should check out DigiKey. It’s also a great source for audio and video components.

      I’m doing a little bit of plastic surgery on my JVC Everio camcorder and adding a mic jack that I bought from DigiKey. If possible, I am also getting a condenser mic component and building around it to construct a good shotgun microphone. No doubt about it – consumer electronics are not cheap, but their companies probably buy parts from someplace like DigiKey. The prices aren’t bad either.

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      I am actually working on writing a detailed book on how-to’s directed at the DIY-er in the film industry. Everything from stabilizers to cranes, dollies, car-rigs, you name it. I haven’t built everything yet, but if you need some help planning something, odds are I’ve tried and I’d love to help you out if you need it.


      I don’t do a whole lot with electrical these days, living in an apartment, but I’m always up for giving it a try

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