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      I have enjoyed, and learned a lot reading this forum the last few months. I would describe myself as semi-pro as I have done some free videos for non-profits but have also made some money on some corporate information and training videos.

      I am not sure how the local stations are where everyone else lives but the affiliates here tend to run a lot of local commercials, especially during the local news programs. The quality of most of them are questionable at best – poor lighting, even worse audio, low quality graphics.

      Does anyone here have any experience with local commercials? How do you “get into” this business? Are the local news stations shooting these for almost nothing just to get advertisers for the news? While not in a top 10 market, this area is the 36th largest tv market and there seems to be a viable market for tv commercials (Auto dealers, applicance sales centers, etc)

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      In my area, the television companies use advertising services and those services produce the videos themselves. I would start by calling the local channels and asking them–if I advertised with you, who does the production work? Ask them if they hire it out or do it in-house. Maybe you could call some of the companies that advertise on there and ask them, too.If the quality is that bad and you can do better, you might be able to open some doors!

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      Grinner Hester

      You’ll get clients by cold-calling and meeting with em in person. Local spots suck because they are done for free. Ya do get whatcha pay for. The stations produce these for nada so they can sell the airtime… and that’s now down to about 20 bucks a pop. You’d be spinning your wheels pitching local tv commercial production. Take a modern approach and create turn-key web campaigns for the folks who use to advertise on tv… and the very few who stillw aiste their money in doing what their dad did. Explain that people now tivo through those dolars and show thewm why they need an online presence. You can create a youtube channel for them, add weekly videos (creating constant income), and accentuate it with twitter and facebook…again updated by you.

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      Thanks for the feedback. Two different, yet both workable approaches.

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      Check with your area broadcast/cablecast companies, their advertising departments. If your fees are in line (they’ll let you know, believe me, and your fees will almost always be more than they pay or want to pay, but…) AND if you can do better work than what they’re getting, with fast turnaround, they could be inclined to add you to their stable of independent producers. Sometimes even keep you on as a production stringer for various jobs/needs they might have. It’s a gamble, but can pay off.

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      I agree with EarlC. Some local stations may need a back-up shooter. Youwill also be editing what you shoot… probably the rule rather than the exception. Just don’t do what I did first time out… not bring enough lighting. The pay is not huge, when you account for the editing,printing back to tape, and testing to your TV. But you’ll learn to be quick and it’ll also open some doors.

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