Making any money?

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How's the video business?

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Starting to get real busy Earl, I have four music videos in the works with a lot more potential videos once these are complete.

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got that pre holiday season lull... I expect things will pick up again soon, though.

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Great! No hollydays in the schedule. Bulgaria :)

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I always strive to get jobs signed and sealed by the first week in December. After that it is a drought until late in January. I always have a few jobs that I do on spec and I keep these for December thru January. It keeps me busy at least and there is the hope of money down the line.

This year seems to be particularly slow, perhaps it is because of the overall economy being so shaky.

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Couldn't handle it if things got much busier. No relief (?) in sight until the second week in February.

The recession hit us hard two years ago but we've been able to shift focus a bit and are nearly back to where we need to be.